A Little About Me Before We Get To Business


Hello to all I have invited here and to all who have stumbled upon me. First, let me explain a little about my background. I began writing at an extremely early age and was published professionally for the first time at the age of twelve. While most kids I knew made spending cash by working at McDonalds, i made mine by freelancing articles in magazines, newspapers, and winning writing contests. It didn’t always fill the gas tank and buy burgers for everybody, but it was something I loved. At fifteen, I combined my love of writing with a job at a small company at the time, it was a PR firm representing several 80’s hair bands. This was break into the world of Public Relations for me and I learned much and fast about handling public relations disasters (It was the 80’s. These were heavy metal rockers. You can imagine the stories I have to tell! And I have many, but that’s entirely another blog!), as well as branding and using writing for communication and promotion of professionals. After I left that company at the age of nineteen, I went on to have many jobs, mostly 9-5 ones (always freelancing on the side), but, especially, one where I was required to create slogans for ad campaigns, write company newsletters, and be a liaison between departments. What does that mean? It means that I was in a position to be in the middle of everything, and I was able to observe and learn for talented professionals in the world of publicity and advertising. So I did. That, combined with my writing background, has given me an advantage in the world of self-publishing.

Before you continue on to read my blog, please understand that I have no degree in advertising or marketing, and that there are many areas that others are far more qualified to speak about than me. I will never call myself an expert. I will never say that mine is the best and only way to do things. But most of the people who will tell you those things as “experts” are going to charge you money for their wisdom, and not all of them are worth your dime. So, not being an “expert”, I’m not going to charge you a thing, but I am going to do my best to tell you all I know about the ins and outs of the business of self-publishing a book, from the art and science of branding, to what I know of marketing, to how to beef up your Twitter presence, how to utilize Goodreads, and anything else I think is applicable and will help you on your journey as an author. You are welcome to take each thing I say with a grain of salt, apply what works for you, and dismiss what does not. I can only tell you what I know and nothing else. But I’m willing to do it. 

So here I go…