How book reviews are like one-night stands


So, how many of you have had that walk of shame? Come on… everyone has had a bit too much to drink at the bar and ended up leaving with someone who… well… just doesn’t do it for them once the sun comes up. It’s almost like we are vampires at times with our choices. Solve the need for now and worry about the morning in the morning.

But since we all have been there… yes, I mean you too… there are some lessons that we can learn as writer-marketers from that one-night stand and the walk of shame. So, last night, you were out with your friends, drinking, dancing and putting the moves on the hottest, most interesting members of the opposite sex. Not finding the greatest luck with them, you decided to change your tactics and shoot for a different level, while increasing the amount of drinking and dancing. The drinking helped to lower your standards and by the end of the night, after kissing a bunch of frogs, you found an eligible – that’s a better word for willing, right? – partner and left for the night. You noticed as you were walking out the door, your friends were all trying to get your attention so you didn’t leave with your chosen suitor, but what did they know. You had spent some time talking to them, some time dancing with them and now it was time to go. Continue reading